Software That Adds Value To The Business

Grab Your ERP Software, Get To Know Quality of Atiker

Software that adds value to the business

Atiker has been developing software with the experience from 1970 to present by the aid of future-oriented investments and aims to be a brand preferred by the business world

Lean Philosophy of ERP Software

ERP software should be structured in a way to reveal the relationship between source and target

Lean ERP Software

  • Prepared in accordance with lean manufacturing philosophy
  • Monitors machine and operator activities
  • Measures productivity
  • Capacity analysis
  • Follows errors and problem solving
  • Follows improvements
  • Reports costs at any time

It is reliable software that all employees can easily understand and use

Product Features

Easy to Use

Lean philosophy ensures smooth business processes with product screens and menu structure

Active Business Indicators

Special displays prepared for current situation, financial analysis and risk management

Timed Notifications

Scheduled background notification services gives you instant critical information about your business

Copy Paste

Easy and fast integration with widespread all table based office programs

Mobile Solutions

Atiker Software for those who want business in their pocket

The solutions that give freedom to business managers who say “Everything is good but I wish I saw these from my mobile phone”

Atiker Software mobile applications offer solutions that save you from adherence to the workplace by using internet technologies and mobile platforms

If you have internet you can access the information that you want everytime and everywhere If you wish, you can refuse the offers or orders that you do not deem suitable to be revised

Safety and Performance

Atiker Software engineers think of everything for operation and system security with the security policy in their mind

Innovative and on-demand operating instructions guide the user more than ever before

We develop advanced security systems with the understanding of “protecting every company”

System Security Level (SGL)

Optional SGL controls system security with a unique method of usage

This can be done automatically according to the display values that can be adjusted according to each business scale

The system administrator can also select a different SGL level on request

A New Business Management Style

Using high-tech plans and profound business software experiences, our software provides both a suitable adaptation and high performance. It was achieved with our modern, agile and fluent software core algorithm, which provides less investment cost and shorter adaptation requirements

  • Don't Hold Your Business Ideas
  • Set Your Own Business Management Style
  • Request Solutions That Can Adapt Your Workflow
  • Do Business Development Simulations
  • Earn Your Business and Employees

  • Our software, which is equipped with an intelligent live operating system technology, provides an impressive user dynamics

    Our target is our future!

    We are developing a new generation ERP system that provides a perfect integration of strong performance as well as low investment cost.

    With our next generation technologies, we do not only increase savings, but also increase your experience

    More Than

    Add More Freedom to Your Business with Cloud ERP System. Lighten your load...

    Smart Report System

    Easy management with one touch




    Fast Access

    Decision Support System

    Unlimited Process Management

    Remove borders with high technology

    Unlimited User Support

    Unlimited Recording Support

    Unlimited Report

    Unlimited Custom Screen

    Unlimited Operational Control

    Personal Design

    Modern management technology and elegant design

    Active Coding Technology

    Custom Screen Design

    Customizable Main Menu

    Screen Detailed Authorities

    Printer Output Design

    Custom Report Design

    Effective Process management

    Complete and fast access to the information you need

    Effective Treasury Management

    Instant Cost Analysis

    Budget and Plan Controls

    Operational Sales Support

    Instant Control Definitions

    Business Intelligence Applications


    We develop the fastest and most effective solutions to the problems that arise in changing conditions


    System Integrator ERP

    • Stock Management
    • Current Management
    • Supply Management
    • Sales Management
    • Finance Management
    • General Accounting
    • Store Management
    • Foreign Trade Management
    • Project Management
    • Budget Accounting



    • Technical Services Management
    • Customer Relations Management
    • Site Management
    • Vehicle Fleet Management
    • Transport Management
    • Weighing Management
    • Library Management
    • Fattening Management
    • YSC Maintenance Management

    Cloud ERP

    Cloud Backup

    • Easy to Use
    • Effective Business
    • Human Resources and Payroll
    • Timed Notifications
    • Copy Paste
    • Unique Reporting
    • No Yearly Version Price
    • No Server Investment
    • No Maintenance Fee
    • No shortage of backup


    Manufacturing Management

    • Recipe Management
    • Work Order Management
    • End of Production Management
    • Operation,Machine Management
    • Production Management
    • Productivity


    Human Resources Management

    • Staff Management
    • Permission Management
    • Payroll and BES Management
    • ISG Management
    • Process Management
    • PDKS Management


    Data Collection from Production

    • Machine Planning,Maintenance
    • ASmart
    • ASAndon
    • ASData
    • Quality Control
    • Reports


    Private Sectoral Solutions for Your Business

    Business World Filled With Options

  • You can customize your ERP system as many times as you like
  • We are developing the fastest and most effective solution to the options that arise in changing road conditions
  • In order to maintain the market share in the competitive markets nourished by the global economy, the enterprise software that your business has to cope with the financial fluctuations and crises that arise suddenly needs expertise
  • We help to turn rational choices into opportunities

  • We offer customizable software solutions from production to human resources, budget applications to general accounting

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